Barry has been immersed in art since a very young age, going on to having his first exhibition at the age of fourteen, and his first one man show at the age of seventeen. His childhood wasn't plain sailing, and Barry sought solace in the countryside and woodlands near his home. The annual family holiday in a converted watermill high up in the Welsh mountains gave Barry a strong fondness to the moss covered woodlands, and rocky waterfalls that feature heavily in his work. When painting trees and imposing mountainous views, Barry is recreating that magical yet awe inspiring comforting feeling that he felt as a child, exploring the hidden landscapes of Wales and near his home town. Although he can turn his hand to most subjects, and as an art tutor for twenty years, believes in giving his students a broad skill set of techniques over a wide variation of media, styles, and subject matter; Barry always returns to dramatic paintings of woodlands, water, and mountains for his personal work. As lead artist of the Banbury Artists' Cooperative which he set up in the summer of 2017, and organizer of the annual Banbury ArtFest, Barry firmly believes in making art accessible to all, and for artists to be given a regular platform and space to sell their work so they can succeed. Barry's work is currently on display at Church Lane Gallery, Banbury, and from his studio at The Artery, in Banbury.

More recently, Barry's work has taken a slightly different direction as he continues to focus on the natural world and forests, but this time turning his attention to British wildlife, and ancient folklore. Using  age-old gouache paint, Barry has begun to paint detailed animal portraits on cradled wooden panels, as well as his 'Moonlight Series' of full moons and animals such as hares, owls, wolves, and ravens. His most popular paintings are those of his Gnomes that have made their home in many of the wooded landscapes that Barry has painted. These paintings are available as greetings cards, and soon prints.