If you run an art group, W.I group, Townswomens' Guild etc, and you are looking for an interesting speaker, then look no further. I have a selection of talks and demonstrations that I have given to many groups over the years and that have proved very popular. Browse through the list below:
Each demonstration contains a full painting which is painted as the Barry talks about the topic.
  • The Dummies Guide To Painting Landscapes In Acrylic
  • A Beginners Guide To Watercolours
  • Painting Roses In Acrylics
  • Van Gogh: The Man Behind The Canvas
  • Paint In The Style Of Monet: How Did He Achieve His Masterpieces?
All talks are illustrated and may contain elements of demonstration

    ·         Flowers and Their Symbolism in Art

    ·         Secrets and Meanings of Symbolism in Art

    ·         Wartime Artists

    ·         Iconography

    ·         A Beginner’s Guide to calligraphy: Writing through the ages

    ·         Neolithic Art: Does it still have place in today’s world?

    ·         How We Communik8: A potted history of the English Language from the Celts to the Text

    ·         The Secrets of The Great Masters of the Renaissance

    ·         A Guide to Art Nouveau

    ·         The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Art imitating life?

    ·         The Masters of the Dutch Golden Age

    ·         The Birth of Impressionism

    ·         Women Artists: an oppressed group through history

    ·         15th Century Italian Art

    .      Portrayals of Passion: Love, Lust, Jealousy, Grief, and Anger in Art

    Fee for all talks and demonstrations: £60     (2017)