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Posted by Barry Whitehouse on Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where is this year going? As we hurtle towards winter (and cooler weather), our thoughts often move towards cosying up in front of an open fire with a warm drink in our hands, but in the art world the autumn/winter time is always a busy period. It’s a time when art groups are at their peak with more people attending, artists prepare for Christmas exhibitions and Christmas craft fairs and art shops stock up with gift sets. A unique painting or hand crafted piece makes for a wonderful gift. It is something that nobody else will have, a one-off.

In the fast paced bargain driven retail culture that we seem to have created, no time or thought is given to purchasing original works of art by the general public. I was told by one person at one of my exhibitions many years ago “Why would I want to buy a small one of your paintings for £50, when I can have a large Monet print for £10?” She missed the point. When you buy an original piece of art work, you are buying a piece of the artist too. A lot of energy and effort goes into creating a painting but the artist’s personality is also reflected in the paint. Compare the structured, ordered creations of Georges Seurat to the exciting, quick painted world of Monet. Both were fore runners of Impressionism, yet their personality has been captured in their brush strokes.

There is so much creative talent in our area with a whole spectrum of genre and media that I would thoroughly recommend visiting as many art galleries as you can. Visit the local potter’s studio, or arts centre and you may just be surprised by the artistic talent in your area. You may even find something there to grace your home. Remember, in his home town of Giverny, Monet was just a local artist too!

As featured in my article in the Four Shires Magazine, November 2011